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    Tangram Smart Rope Rookie Black

    Product description

    Every set of SmartRope Rookie handles contains a left handle and a right handle. The left handle has the 'Rookie' logo printed on it vertically; the right handle does not feature any kind of logo. The new product includes a battery in the right hand grip. You can store extra batteries in the right handle when not in use for a long time.
    Rope Each SmartRope Rookie comes with a 3 meter long rope and two rope holders . Attach the rope to the handles by inserting the rope through a rope holder and then inserting it through the upper hole at the end of the handle and then pulling it through the lower hole and attach it to the remaining hole of the rope holder. Do the same for the other handle. For images and more detailed instructions, please see the user manual.
    Battery One CR2032 battery is included. The battery is in the battery compartment on the right handle with no logo on purchase. When you insert the battery into the left handle with the logo before use, the power will turn on with the malodi.
    Pouch SmartRope Includes a dedicated fabric pouch for carrying or storing rookies. (There may be differences in material and color depending on when the product is purchased.)



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    Tangram Smart Rope Rookie Black
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    Tangram Smart Rope Rookie Black
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