Service claims - terms & conditions


Our service department is now accepting new service claims, but procedures have changed due to COVID-19. Please review the following:


  • Apple have advised us to follow the new guidelines on cleaning and sanitation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.
  • Due to the different materials used in Apple products, and those of other manufacturers, all incoming service items will be quarantined for 3 days before service begins. Spraying the items with anti-bacterial sprays and/or using anti-bacterial wipes can cause damage, especially to glass screens, so this is not a good alternative. 
  • The service center is not open to customers.
  • All service claims must be submitted via email.
  • Click here to download the service claim form.
  • Complete all the fields on pages 1 and 2, including the three checkboxes at the bottom of page 2, and save the file to your desktop.
  • Email the completed/saved form to [email protected]
  • Once the form is received our technician will review and return the form via email with comments and instructions added to page 3.
  • Service products must be dropped off at the counter outside the storefront. Please do not drop off until instructed by the technician. If fees are due they must be paid at this time. 
  • Once service is complete you will be sent an email with pickup instructions. 
  • All fees must be paid before service items are released.