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    Xbox/Playstation Digical Codes (terms & conditions)


    Before you order your Xbox or Playstation digital code online please review the following terms & conditions and pre-order requirements:


    • Digital codes will be delivered and redeemed via a FaceTime video call after payment has been received, or in person via curbside pickup.
    • Digital codes are non-returnable and can only be used with accounts linked to their respective US store.
    • The FaceTime video call must be made to [email protected].
    • Calls will only be accepted between 10am and 5pm Monday to Saturday.
    • Please have your picture ID and Cayman MAC Store order confirmation number on hand as you will need to provide these before you are given access to the digital code.
    • You must have two devices available for the FaceTime video call (audio only is not permitted). One device is used to make the call and the second is your game console. We must be able to view the code being entered on the console and see the redemption confirmation.
    • Before making the call please ensure your console is logged in to the account you want to apply the credit to.