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    Online payment options


    Please refer to the following online payment instructions:



    • If you do not have access to online banking you can take a copy of your order along with the information here to make a cash payment directly at Butterfield or CNB.
    • If you are not using Butterfield or CNB the receipt of funds is dependent on your bank’s payment process and may take 2-4 business days to clear.
    • We review bank accounts at 10am and 2pm each business day and this determines when we notify customers of payments received. Payments received after 2pm will be addressed the following business day. On Friday we will do an additional check at 3:30pm.
    • If an order is not paid, or you do not let us know within 24 hours that you are making a payment, it will automatically drop from the system. Orders may be re-instated but will likely change their position in the queue for deliveries when being prepared. All communication must be via email to [email protected] due to the large volume of calls we are currently receiving makes it difficult to answer every call.  If you do call please be sure to leave a detailed voice message along with your contact number.
    • Why can’t I pay with my debit/credit card? We use chip and pin credit card machines in our store. In order to make a safe and secure credit/debit card payment, and avoid fraudulent or unauthorized transactions, we require the physical card to be present with either a photo ID or PIN. 
    • If you have purchased iTunes codes you will receive a separate email, once we have received your payment, providing further instructions for redeeming the code. In the meantime, please click here to review the iTunes terms and conditions, as this is required to complete an iTunes code transaction.