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    iTunes Online Codes (Terms & Conditions)


    Before you order your iTunes codes online please review the following terms & conditions and pre-order requirements:


    • iTunes codes will be delivered and redeemed via a FaceTime video call after payment has been received, or in person at our store.
    • iTunes codes are non-returnable and can only be used with accounts linked to the US app and music store.
    • The FaceTime video call must be made to [email protected].
    • Calls will only be accepted between 10am and 5pm Monday to Saturday.
    • Please have your picture ID and Cayman MAC Store order confirmation number on hand as you will need to provide these before you are given access to the iTunes code.
    • You must have two devices available for the FaceTime video call (audio only is not permitted). One device is used to make the call and the second to enter the code. We must be able to view the code being entered on the second device and see the redemption confirmation.
    • Please note you will be unable to scan the code. You will be provided the code one character at a time during the FaceTime video call by a member of our staff
    • Before making the call you need to be logged in to the account you wish to add the iTunes credit to on your second device, and ensure it is ready to redeem the code. To do this you need to confirm the correct Apple ID is signed in on the App Store.


    Here are some steps to follow prior to the FaceTime video call to ensure there are no issues or delays redeeming your code(s):


    • For an iPad or iPhone use the following steps: 
        • To confirm which Apple ID is signed in go to settings on the device you will be using. Scroll down until you see iTunes & App Store. Select this and then look to see which email address appears at the top.
        • If the email address in this section is the Apple ID you wish to add credit to you need to confirm you have the password for this account. If the correct Apple ID is not displayed you will need to sign out and sign in with the desired account you wish to add credit to.
        • To switch accounts, or to confirm you have the Apple ID password, click on the Apple ID displayed and select Sign Out. Once you have signed out simply sign back in if it was the correct account or sign in with the account you wish to add credit to.
        • Once you have successfully signed out and signed into the account you want to upload credit to open the App Store and click on the silhouette or picture at the top right corner. If you do not see these please scroll down to the bottom of the page.
        • Next select Redeem Gift Card or Code. Once this has loaded select the option “You can also enter your code manually” this will bring up the keyboard to allow you to enter your iTunes Code.
        • Once these steps have been completed you are ready to make a FaceTime call and have the code read out to you.
        • Once you have finished putting in the code you need to wait for a confirmation window to pop up stating that the redemption of the code was successful. It should also provide you with an updated Apple ID balance. You will need to show this window to the member of staff providing you with your code. Once successful redemption has been confirmed the FaceTime video call will end.
    • For a Mac or PC use the following Steps:
        • Open the iTunes Desktop Application. Once the Application has loaded click on Account located near the top left.
        • From here you need to select Sign Out from the drop-down menu if you are already signed in with an Apple ID. Sign back in if the Apple ID was the desired account or sign in with the Apple ID you wish to redeem the code to.
        • If no account was signed in previously simply select Sign In from the Account drop-down menu and enter the information for the Apple ID to be used to redeem the iTunes code.
        • Once signed in click on Account again and select Redeem from the drop-down menu
        • This will take you to the code redemption window and provide a box for you to enter the code as it is being provided
        • A notification stating that the code was successfully redeemed and an updated balance should then be provided. You will also see the balance of your Apple ID in the top right-hand corner that should update shortly after successful redemption. Once redemption is confirmed the FaceTime video call will end.