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    Rain Design mStand MacBook Stand Black

    Product description

    Key Features
    • Increase Screen Height up to 6"
    • Tilt Support
    • Single-Piece Aluminum Design
    • For Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro & More


    The black mStand Laptop Stand from Rain Design lifts your notebook 6", so you can have a better viewing experience. This stand is compatible with most MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and laptops that have a depth under 10.3". It positions the laptop's display to eye level, improving your posture. With a tilt design, it angles the computer's keyboard so you can still see and have access to the keys. To keep your desk organized, a cable outlet is on board. Furthermore, the mStand is constructed from a single piece of aluminum, which acts as a heat sink to cool your computer.

    Provides an ergonomic solution for working on your laptop
    Raises screen height approximately 6"
    Raises screen to meet eye level and prevent slouching
    Tilt of the stand brings screen closer and improves air flow around computer, preventing overheating
    The aluminum panel cools the laptop because it acts as a heat sink
    The one-piece design requires no assembly and provides stability
    Cable organizer keeps cables discrete and out of the way


    Rain Design mStand MacBook Stand Black
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    Rain Design mStand MacBook Stand Black
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