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    Evutec Slim Lite Smooth Case w/ Car Vent Mount for iPhone 13 Pro

    Product description


    • ⭐【5X Steel Strength】 The advanced composite material (Aramid Fiber) we use to build the case is 5 times as strong as steel of the same weight. This material is commonly used in armor (bulletproof vest), spacecraft, jet engines and race cars.
    • ⭐【Slim & Protective】 While the case is only 1.6mm thin and lightweight, our Karbon case is also very protective. The case itself is military grade drop tested. It provides a good amount of protection without adding bulkiness.
    • ⭐【Wireless Charging Compatibility】 Due to the position of the metal inserts, the case will work with all wireless chargers. These inserts do not block the charging thus, will not take the charge energy away or heat up when wireless charging. Our case also will not interfere with WIFI, cellular, GPS, or Bluetooth signal.
    • ⭐【Magnetic Vent Mount】 There are metal inserts in the phone case, which will hold strongly to the magnetic vent mount that comes with the case. Our magnetic vent mount will turn your phone into a hands-free, transit-friendly tool.


    Key Features:


    Real Aramid Fiber Slim Profile
    Five (5) times stronger than steel of the same size.With 1.6 mm thickness, this case help minimize bulkiness and maintain the phone's natural look.
    Drop ProtectionLight Weight
    Drop Protection Supper Light Weight  
    Military degree drop protection. Designed to withstand a 4ft drop while keeping your device in pristine condition. This is the lightest case we have ever made. It adds very little to the phone's original weight.
    Wireless Charging CompatibleGood Grip
     Wireless Charging CompatibleAnti-Slip Grip
     Allows wireless charging function fully as designed The non-slip groves on the edge of the case ensure a firm grip.
    WiFi GPS BluetoothSmooth to the touch
    No InterferenceSmooth Touch
     This case will not interfere with Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, or Cellphone signals.The case gives an overall smooth touch feeling. Experience it will be the best description.


    • REAL MATERIAL EXTERIOR - Real Advanced Composite Material (ACM)
    • Karbon is an advanced composite material made with aramid fibers.
    • Five (5) times stronger than steel of the same size.
    • Known for being both strong and light weight.
    • Aramid fibers are also used in aerospace and advanced military application, including ballistic-rated body armor.
    • Bulletproof material used in a phone case.
    • The strongest material for phone cases


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    Evutec Slim Lite Smooth Case w/ Car Vent Mount for iPhone 13 Pro
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    Evutec Slim Lite Smooth Case w/ Car Vent Mount for iPhone 13 Pro
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