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    Belkin Secure Holder with Clip for AirTag Dark Gray

    Product description



    Secure Your AirTag with Ease


    Spring loaded​ Clip​

    Clip allows for reliable and easy attachment/removal from different size bags, pet collars, belts, pockets, straps and other similar fabrics. Clip is spring loaded for extra strength

    Clip It and Keep It

    Firmly clip it on when you need it, easily take it off when you don’t. Secure holder’s spring-loaded clip gives you a simple and effective way to attach your AirTag to luggage, purse, clothing, or other belongings.

    Peace of mind​

    Enjoy your new device without the fear of losing it, as it is now securely attached to your belongings, luggage, backpack, etc.

    Securely Holds AirTag

    Simply snap your AirTag into place with its durable and safe snap-and-lock design. Once it’s secure, you are ready to go.

    Designed for protection​

    Thoughtfully designed, our Secure Holder features a raised edge that helps prevent your AirTag from getting scratched.

    Open design for full visibility​

    The Secure Holder firmly grips the edges of your AirTag while keeping the elegant design and personalized engravings exposed.


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    Belkin  Secure Holder with Clip for AirTag Dark Gray
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    Belkin Secure Holder with Clip for AirTag Dark Gray
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