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    Razer Seiren Mini Ultra-compact Streaming Microphone Pink

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    With the Razer Seiren Mini, big sounds can come in small packages. Introducing our ultra-compact condenser mic made for streaming with smaller or portable setups, and capable of producing professional-grade audio—thanks to a supercardioid pickup pattern and a 14mm condenser capsule. System Requirements: Windows 7,8, 10; Mac OS 10.8 onwards; Sony PS4


    Ultra-precise supercardioid pickup pattern

    The Razer Seiren Mini is tuned with a tighter pickup angle, so it can focus on your voice while ensuring that background noises like typing and mouse clicks don’t get picked up.

    Professional Recording Quality

    With its 14mm condenser capsule and flat frequency response, the mic broadcasts your voice with stellar clarity that’s filled with crisp highs and deep lows.

    Ultra-compact build

    Made for minimalist or smaller setups, it barely takes up any desk space and is discreet on-camera, putting more focus on you. Easy to bring along if you need take your streaming elsewhere.

    Heavy-duty tilting stand

    Sitting on a sturdy support, the mic can be angled to find the perfect sweetspot for your voice. It can also be detached and mounted on a boom arm or mic stand that uses a standard 5/8-inch thread.

    Shock Resistant

    When things get exciting, accidental knocks and bumps happen. The built-in shock mount dampens these vibrations to help protect your stream against sound anomalies.

    Plug-and-play with USB

    Within seconds of plugging into a USB port, the Razer Seiren Mini is good to go. Simply set its volume level using your streaming software of choice, and let your voice do the rest.


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    Razer Seiren Mini Ultra-compact Streaming Microphone Pink
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    Razer Seiren Mini Ultra-compact Streaming Microphone Pink
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