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    Apple FTZ AirPods Max (Pink)

    Brand: Apple

    Product description

    Key Features
    Active Noise Cancellation
    Up to 20 Hours of Playback
    Knit Mesh Canopy Reduces Pressure
    3 Mics with Beamforming for Clear Calls
    Support for Siri Personal Assistant
    Transparency Mode Lets Sound Back In
    On-Head Detection for Auto Play/Pause
    Digital Crown Control for Audio & Siri
    Soft Memory Foam Earcups
    Smart Case Included

    Combining premium materials and advanced audio technology, the pink Apple AirPods Max wireless over-ear headphones are a comfortable way to immerse yourself in your favorite audio. They are made to rest lightly on your head and ears with a breathable knit mesh canopy and mesh textile-wrapped memory foam earcups. Inside, dynamic drivers with dual neodymium ring magnets work to deliver clear sound with deep bass. Active noise cancellation technology enhances this passive immersion by actively neutralizing ambient sounds with anti-noise.
    The AirPods Max are ideal for any kind of audio entertainment, but with movies, they make you feel like you're part of the action. This is due to the Airpods Max's use of spatial audio and dynamic head tracking to better simulate audio that surrounds you. You can use them with a variety of Bluetooth-compatible Apple devices, but when paired with an iPhone, you can utilize three built-in microphones and beamforming technology to make clear hands-free calls or interact with Siri. You can do all of this and more for up to 20 hours on a full charge.
    Active Noise Cancellation
    Apple uses six outward-facing microphones to measure distracting ambient sounds, and then neutralizes it with anti-noise. This is meant to isolate you with only the audio you want to hear. During playback two additional inward-facing microphones measure what you're hearing, and then use adaptive EQ to adjust frequencies for a consistent experience and faithful audio reproduction.
    Transparency Mode
    When active noise cancelling mode is on, you can easily chat with others or listen in on your surroundings without taking off your AirPods Max. Simply press the dedicated noise control button to active transparency mode, and let outside sounds back in.
    Save Battery Life with a Smart Case
    Included with the Airpods Max is Apple's Smart Case, which conveniently stores the headphones and puts them into an ultra-low-power state to preserve battery life.
    Built for Comfort
    Over-ear headphones can be cumbersome to wear for long periods of time, which is why Apple redesigned the headband of the AirPods Max to incorporate a breathable knit mesh canopy. This canopy is designed to optimally distribute the weight of the headphones to reduce on-head pressure. It's connected to two earcups that sport a mesh textile-wrapped memory foam for pillow-like softness.

    Each anodized aluminum earcup rotates independently to further balance pressure and improve comfort. Telescoping arms extend smoothly and stay in place to ensure the earcups maintain a precise fit. The entire AirPods Max durable stainless steel frame is wrapped in a soft-touch material to give them a premium look and feel.
    Hands-Free Calls & Siri
    The sounds around you can not only distract you as you listen, but they can ruin conversations as well. When paired with an iPhone for hands-free calling, the AirPods Max uses three microphones and beamforming technology to focus on your voice and ensure that it's transmitted clearly.
    With the AirPods Max, Siri is always on and ready to help. Get directions, weather forecasts, listen to your schedule, and more. Siri will even speak incoming messages to you when they arrive with the Announce Messages feature. You can then tell Siri to respond via voice command.
    On-Head Detection
    Sensors built into the AirPods Max will detect when they are removed and will automatically pause your audio. Audio will automatically resume when the AirPods Max detect that you've placed them back on your head.
    Additional Features
    Quick charging for five minutes gives the AirPods Max up to 1.5 hours of playback.
    Digital crown control for volume, tracks, phone, and Siri.
    Apple-designed H1 chip in each earcup to control active noise cancellation, spatial audio, and more.
    Seamlessly switch between iPhone, iPad & Mac without disrupting audio or conversations.
    Share streaming audio between two sets of AirPods when paired with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV


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    Apple FTZ AirPods Max (Pink)
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    Apple FTZ AirPods Max (Pink)
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