Itskins Spectrum Frost Case for Apple Watch Series 5/4 44mm - Smoke (2-pack)

Article number: AP44-SPMFR-SMOK
Quantity: 3

We’re the blur flying overhead. We’re moving fast. Breaking everything. Except for our watches. The HEXO-TEK™ 2.0 air pocket technology lets this case take any impact you can. The frost finish is the ultimate in mark resistance. Any bruises are going to be all yours.

SPECTRUMFROST powerfully safeguards your watch with intelligent Drop Safe Protection. Impacts are absorbed, dissipated and repelled by air cushion technology used along the sides, crowns and the 4 corners of the Spectrum case.

  • Slim and Protective
  • 2m/7ft Drop certified
  • Raised Corners
  • Ultra Soft and flex
  • Engineered Shock Absorbing Design
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