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    Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch - Pink Clay/Soft Gold Aluminum

    Product description

    More easily track your outdoor exercises with the Versa 3 GPS Smartwatch from Fitbit Made for multi-day tracking the Versa 3 features over 6 days of battery life and utilizes built-in GPS tracking, so you don't need to bring your smartphone along on a run, hike, or while biking. The GPS function tracks both your pack and distance. The Versa 3 handles a variety of exercises and basic 24/7 activity tracking of steps, distance, and calories burned. You can choose from over 20 exercises to track, or use SmartTrack, where the Versa 3 will automatically detect the exercise and track it for you.

    Your health is intimately linked with how effective you are in reaching your fitness goals. With the Versa 3, you get both a 24/7 heart rate monitor and SpO2 blood oxygen sensor. The heart rate monitor earns you Active Zone Minutes when reaching target heart rate zones. You can even keep tabs on your sleep quality by wearing it through the night. You can learn how well you've slept, get an overall sleep score, and learn about sleep trends that you can adjust for a better night's rest. All of these features and more are can be controlled via the Versa 3's built-in bright OLED display.

    Manage Your Music

    When you do bring your smartphone with you, you can use the Versa 3's built-in apps to manage a variety of audio experiences to keep you motivated. Access Spotify, download Pandora stations, or play Deezer playlists.

    Notifications & Assistants

    Pairing with iOS and Android devices gives you additional practical features to keep you connected to the outside world. Receive incoming calls, texts, and app notifications. You can also perform functions and get information using voice commands. The Versa 3 supports both Google Assistant and Alexa digital assistants.

    Health Features

    Uses PurePulse 2.0 to record your resting heart rate
    Track calories burned, view heart rate trends and cardio fitness levels in the Fitbit app
    See how much light, deep, and REM sleep you get
    Smart Wake gives you a quiet vibration to more peacefully wake you
    Sleep Mode disables notifications to help you sleep better
    Personalized 2- and 5-minute guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate
    Women can track menstrual cycles, record symptoms, and more
    Personalized reminders nudge you to move more, keep to a regular sleep schedule, take 250 steps per hour, and more

    Fitness Features

    Use the Fitbit app to view a workout intensity map, seeing heart rate zones reached throughout your route
    All-day activity tracking of steps, distance, floors climbed, active minutes, and calories burned
    Wear the Versa 3 in the pool with up to 164' of water resistance
    An in-app cardio fitness score gives you a better idea of your personal fitness level

    Smart Features

    Receive call, text, and app notifications
    Android users can send quick replies to message from the Versa 3
    Use the Fitbit app and Fitbit Pay to pay for items with a tap of your watch
    Choose from hundreds of apps that cover many aspects of your daily life, such as Uber, United Airlines, TRX, and more
    Do Not Disturb mode mutes calls, texts, calendar and app notifications

    General Features

    Get up to 24 hours of power in just 12 minutes with fast charging
    The always-on display function lets you monitor your stats with just a glance
    Customize the display with hundreds of clock face options online
    Store up to 5 clock faces on the Versa 3
    Compatible with the Fitbit app for viewing stats, taking part in group challenges, and much more
    Gain personalized insights, guided workouts, and more with an (optional) Fitbit Premium subscription NOT AVAILABLE IN ALL REGIONS.


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    Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch - Pink Clay/Soft Gold Aluminum
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    Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch - Pink Clay/Soft Gold Aluminum
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