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    Fitbit Inspire2 Fitness Wristband Tracker Desert Rose (inc 1 small & 1 large band each) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

    Product description

    Stay motivated and better track your results as you achieve your fitness goals with the Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker from Fitbit. Made for multi-day tracking, the Inspire 2 delivers up to 10 days of battery life, monitoring you from morning to night. Basic steps, distance, and calories burned are recorded, and during exercises, 24/7 heart rate monitoring lets you know when you reach target heart rate zones. Earn Active Zone Minutes when reaching target peak, cardio, and fat burn zones, and maximize results with an (optional) Fitbit Premium subscription (NOT AVAILABLE IN ALL REGIONS) and guided workouts. With SmartTrack, exercise tracking is easy as the Inspire 2 can automatically recognize the exercise for you.

    Keeping you moving is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is why the Inspire 2 was designed to boost your motivation as you travel on your fitness journey. You'll get encouraging reminders and fun activities, such as friendly challenges and activity-based games. Reminders are displayed on the Inspire 2's integrated OLED touchscreen. The Inspire 2 works all day long, even providing the ability to monitor your sleep. Sleep stage tracking and an overall sleep score can let you know how well you've slept, and help you spot trends to adjust for.

    Fitbit Premium

    For new Premium users, you will receive a free year of Fitbit Premium. Premium provides you with guided step-by-step workouts for all fitness levels, fitness insights, games, detailed breakdowns of sleep quality, and more.

    Health Features

    Records resting heart rate day and night
    Personalized guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate, helping you to stay calm
    Women can track menstrual cycles, record symptoms, and more
    Log meals and compare calories eaten to those burned

    Fitness Features

    Use the Fitbit app to see your cardio fitness score and get tips on how to improve it
    Automatically tracks how long you've been swimming
    Utilize your smartphone's GPS for real-time pace and distance during walks, runs, or bike rides
    Use the Fitbit app to view a workout intensity map, seeing heart rate zones reached throughout your route
    Choose from over 20 exercise modes and get real-time stats during workouts
    See daily totals for calories burned
    Receive regular reminders to take 250 steps an hour and to stretch your legs

    Sleep Features

    See how much light, deep, and REM sleep you get
    Get tips in the Fitbit app to help improve sleep quality
    Set a silent alarm in the Fitbit app to wake peacefully in the morning with a quiet vibration
    Sleep Mode disables notifications to help you sleep better

    General Features

    Google Fast Pair for Android mobile device users
    Water resistance allows you to wear the Inspire 2 in the shower and use it in the pool
    Do Not Disturb mode mutes calls, texts, calendar and app notifications
    Receive call, text, and app notifications, as well as calendar alerts
    Android users can send quick replies to message from the Inspire 2
    Time and stopwatch functions
    Customize the display with different clock face options
    Fitbit app syncs to most smartphones and tablets to view stats, trends, and fitness progress
    Change the look of the Inspire 2 with (optional) bands and accessories


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    Fitbit Inspire2 Fitness Wristband Tracker Desert Rose (inc 1 small & 1 large band each) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
    $ 95.00
    Fitbit Inspire2 Fitness Wristband Tracker Desert Rose (inc 1 small & 1 large band each) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
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