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    Fitbit Ace2 Activity Tracker Watermelon/Teal Kids 6+

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    Due to the volume of Android devices the Cayman MAC Store is unable to confirm which Android devices are fully compatible with the Fitbit fitness trackers. Fitbit has provided a support page ( which allows you to search for compatible devices that have been fully tested with the Fitbit. If your device does not appear in the list provided you may have issues syncing your device and/or experience limited functionality. Please note Android devices that can sync with the Fitbit app may still have limited functionality as stated on Fitbit compatibility site.

    As an authorized Apple reseller, we can confirm that all devices beyond the iPhone 6 have been fully tested with the Fitbit app and should have full functionality. For the list of fully tested devices please visit If your device does not show on the list you may need additional support from Fitbit’s live chat which is available 24 hours to troubleshoot specific issues. Please note devices cannot be returned due to compatibility issues if the device is tested and full functionality can be confirmed on a fully tested Apple iOS device. If a defect is confirmed with the Fitbit device then the standard manufacturer’s warranty will apply.


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    Fitbit Ace2 Activity Tracker Watermelon/Teal  Kids 6+
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    Fitbit Ace2 Activity Tracker Watermelon/Teal Kids 6+
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