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    Wyze Smart Plug 2-Pack - White

    Product description



    Be in control from anywhere with controls right in the mobile app. Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to turn the plug on/off with your voice. Schedule appliances and lights to turn on/off at specific times of the day. Automate Wyze Plug with other Wyze products.


    Command your home with your voice:

    When your hands are full or you just don’t want to move, use your voice to turn things on and off by asking your smart assistant.We made Wyze Plug work with Alexa and the Google Assistant so it’s easier said and done.

    Control your home from anywhere:

    Check the status of all of your Wyze Plugs and turn them on or off remotely so you can avoid high energy bills and fire-hazards.

    On when you need it, off when you don’t:

    Wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning with Scheduling in the Wyze app.Custom Scheduling in the Wyze app lets you turn Wyze Plug on or off at specific times of the day so you can have your coffee start at 6:00 AM and turn off at 6:15 AM.

    Manage an entire room with grouping:

    Grouping in the Wyze app lets you connect multiple Wyze Plugs to one room so you can turn everything on or off at once at the tap of a finger or command to your smart assistant.

    Vacation Mode:

    Vacation Mode can turn your stuff on and off at random making it appear you’re home so people think twice about coming over uninvited.


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    Wyze Smart Plug 2-Pack - White
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    Wyze Smart Plug 2-Pack - White
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