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    Bose QuietComfort® II Noise Cancelling True Wireless in-Ear Headphones Soapstone (no returns once opened for In-Ear Devices)

    Product description


    Aiming to deliver a private mobile experience, especially when you're in public, the soapstone QuietComfort Earbuds II Noise-Canceling True Wireless In-Ear Headphones from Bose features a host of noise isolating and cancelling technologies. When listening to music or your favorite podcast episode, active noise cancellation works with CustomTune sound calibration to not just cancel distracting ambient sounds, but personalize that audio to your ears. When on calls, two noise-rejecting mics in each earbud focus on your voice and filter out noise and wind, while digital signal processing further filters your speech to optimize clarity. Add this to sweat/water resistance, all-day battery life, and automated functionality, and you have an ideal mobile audio solution.

    Independent Single-Bud Use
    • As great as your QuietComfort Earbuds II sound together, there are times when you want to use just one of your earbuds. You can now use either the left or right earbud for listening and calls with Independent Single-Bud Use. 
    • This new feature lets you seamlessly switch between your earbuds, and if one earbud runs out of battery life or disconnects from Bluetooth, you can continue listening with the other earbud without interruption.
    • To access Independent Single-Bud Use, make sure the software on your QuietComfort Earbuds II is up to date. 


    Note: This update is available through the Bose Music App via OTA (Earbuds ONLY). This is a change from previous Bose wireless earbud updates. The QC Earbuds II charging case does not have the capability to communicate with the earbuds. Therefore, the earbuds cannot be updated via USB>, and vice versa, the case cannot get an update from the app through the earbuds.

    Noise Cancellation Modes
    You can choose from Quiet Mode, which maximizes cancellation, or Aware Mode, which continues audio playback while letting outside sounds in. This is helpful when you need to be aware of your surroundings. Aware Mode additionally applies ActiveSense technology, which softens the loudest sounds to a more comfortable volume. ActiveSense can be disabled in the Bose Music app.
    Comfortable Isolation
    While active noise cancellation does wonders for blocking out the world around you, passive noise isolation plays a significant role in delivering an immersive experience. The QuietComfort Earbuds II comes with the Bose Fit Kit, which is comprised of three different-sized pairs of silicone eartips and stability bands. They are designed to create a comfortable and secure seal that blocks out sound, with the eartips spreading evenly to fully make contact within your ear, and the bands hugging the contours of your ear.
    All-Day Battery
    On a full charge, you get up to 6 hours of power with the QuietComfort Earbuds II, and another 18 hours of power available within the included charging case. Conveniently, the earphones deliver a voice prompt when their batteries are low, and the interior of the case is magnetized to securely hold each earbud in place during charging.
    Quick Charge
    If you forgot to charge your earphones and are in a rush, a quick 20-minute charge will provide you with up to 2 hours of listening.
    Smart Automation
    • Auto Answer: Place one or both earbuds in to automatically answer an incoming call on your paired smartphone.
    • Auto Play/Pause: Thanks to built-in sensors, when you remove the earphones, audio playback will automatically pause, and then automatically resume when you put them back in.
    Bose Music App
    This mobile app provides guided setup and gives you control over a host of QuietComfort Earbuds II functions.
    • Enable/disable ActiveSense
    • Adjust in-app EQ
    • Adjust headphone preferences
    • Create custom noise cancellation modes
    • Manage Bluetooth connections
    • Customize shortcuts
    • Check battery status
    Additional Features
    • IPX4-rated water and sweat resistance
    • Play audio and take calls with one earbud or both
    • Integrated touch controls for audio, calls, and noise cancellation
    • Built-in memory saves the last 7 paired devices
    • Bluetooth 5.3 support for strong connections up to 30' away
    • Charge case via included USB Type-C cable


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    Bose QuietComfort® II Noise Cancelling True Wireless in-Ear Headphones Soapstone (no returns once opened for In-Ear Devices)
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    Bose QuietComfort® II Noise Cancelling True Wireless in-Ear Headphones Soapstone (no returns once opened for In-Ear Devices)
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